Welcome to the Expert NoCoders Community

As a NoCoder Agency owner since March 2020, I was lucky to get on a few calls with some experienced agency owners who shined a light in the right direction.

I still made many many mistakes though!

Recently, I have received various requests for guidance on how to start an agency, how to start freelancing, how to deal with clients, what worked, what didn't work, to wireframe or not to wireframe, to user story or not to user story etc etc.

To help each other out and collaborate, I have started a Slack Community for NoCode Freelancers and Agency Owners.

Please join via this link: join.slack.com/t/expertnocoders/shared_invi..

The rules are simple, be nice and courteous to everyone.

Looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces, sharing some fun stories about clients and helping each other out.

Note: This community is primarily for people who do significant amounts of work for clients. There are many other slack communities for founders etc e.g. nocodefounders.com