Help contribute to the Expert NoCoders community

Expert NoCoders cannot be built single-handedly and requires a team effort.

We are looking for NoCoders who do client work interested in collaborating on ExpertNoCoders.

We would love to gather blog posts, videos, slides, articles etc that would help other NoCoders out with their client work.

Any/every contribution is welcome.

Here are some helpful ideas:

  • Story telling style:

    • How did you start bubble freelancing?
    • How long have you done this for
    • What are the types of projects you have built? marketplace etc
    • What tips would you give to someone starting NoCode freelancing?
  • An article on how you scope out projects before building them

  • An article on how you handle client communication, status updates, weekly check ins etc.
  • An article on top 10 tips on how to start NoCode freelancing
  • How to write a convincing NoCode Project proposal
  • How to convince sceptics about NoCode?
  • How do you stay up to date and keep learning more about NoCode?
  • What is your NoCode Workstation and Desk Setup like?

For those interested in contributing to, please feel free to reach out via this form:

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